What's In A Name???

What's in a name?

What name do you go by?

It may be your first name only, or a title such as: Stay At Home Mom, Sister, BFF, Teacher, Neighbor, Doctor, etc.

Each title means something special or unique.  

There are different facets to each one of us, and our names often reflect that as well. I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, neighbor, small group leader, worship leader, songwriter, etc. These labels do not define me, but they describe me in some small way. 

I recently did a study on the names of God. Each name is attempting to describe God, and each name holds a special meaning.

For instance: El Roi means "The God Who sees me", Abba means "Father", El Elyon means "God Most High", Jehovah-Ra'ah means "The Lord is my Shepherd", Elohim means "Mighty Creator".

God has many names, and each one is quite special to His character. It is seemingly impossible to grasp the majesty and splendor of our God and King. Although He is above and beyond our comprehension He desires to know us intimately. 

I pray that we never lose sight of the One Who holds the stars and calls us by name. 

Psalm 23 reminds us that He is our Shepherd, guiding us daily and we lack nothing in His care. You and I are special and He knows our names. Can you even begin to grasp that concept? Wow! That means you can trust Him with everything. 

Dear God,

We praise You and thank You for Who You are! You are more than enough and are capable of guiding us to do what You have called us to do in Your Name. All blessings and honor are to You alone!

In Jesus' precious and holy Name,


Living for Him,





That is awesome!

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