Relationship is a process

Community. As people, I think we all desire to be with other people. 

We want to have someone that will listen to us, share our activities, cry with us when things go wrong.

Sometimes I think we forget the importance of community. God created us to have a desire to be in community with other people. It is as natural as breathing air. We need each other. 

But, we also need Him. We cannot replace our time with God with time with other people. They cannot answer all of our questions or satisfy all of our needs or wants. He wants to speak to you too.

No matter how old or how young we are we want to share our good news with a friend. I love watching children share their happy moments, because they are excited about everything. That must be the way we look to God when we come to Him and talk about our days. 

Do I remember to come to Him as a child? Do I rest in the fact that He is always willing to hold me in the dark moments and celebrate with me in the brighter days?

As we share our days with those around us, let's not forget to talk to and thank the One Who holds it all in motion. He loves you and me. He has great plans for us, and we can include Him in our everyday living. Maybe you talk to Him first thing in the morning before your feet hit the floor. Maybe it is in the car on the way to work. Just use the time He has given You and talk to Him. He will listen.

"Let us hold on to the confession of our hope without wavering, for He Who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23

He is faithful to us and sees us. He has not moved or forgotten about you and me. Let's include Him in all we do. And let's point others to Him. Love God. Love people. 

Blessings to you!!!

Living for Him,


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